Are you familiar with the Law of Polarity?

The law of Polarity is one of the Seven Spiritual Laws that governs everything in the Universe. Four of these Spiritual Laws are Mutable and three are Immutable. The Law of Polarity is one of the Four Mutable Laws.

The three Immutable Laws are:

Law of Mentalism

Law of Correspondence

Law of Vibration

These three laws are timeless and you can’t change or transcend them.

The four Mutable Laws are:

 Law of Polarity

Law of Rhythm

Law of Cause and Effect

Law of Gender

These four laws can be changed for the betterment of your life.

I became aware of the Law of Polarity a few years ago and I soon realized  that intuitively I’ve used them for my own personal development, as well as for mothering and mentoring.  The Law of Polarity gives credence to two of  my mantras:

What you desire already exists it doesn’t have to be created for you.

You can always choose to have a different experience, emotion, feeling and reaction.

What is the Law of Polarity?

The Law of Polarity states that everything has its opposite and even though these two things may seem to oppose each other, they are actually  part of the same spectrum and one can’t exist without the other.

This brings to mind when my children and I played the opposite game while I was driving them to school. It was simple and so much fun. But I digress!

Back to the Law of Polarity

How do you know when you’re  sad? You know you’re sad because you’ve experienced its opposite, happiness. You know you’re cold because you’ve experienced its opposite, hot.  These opposites exist on different end of the same spectrum, therefore, you can make a conscious decision to move from one end of the spectrum to the other mentally and/or physically. This is what you control. You can use your thoughts to go from hate to love; from sad to happy, from mad to glad etc.

Ignorance is not an excuse.

The phrase “ignorance of the law is not an excuse” was coined in reference to man made laws but to some degree it applies to the Spiritual Laws. You don’t have to be aware of them; you don’t have to accept them as the truth, for them to affect your life.

What fascinates me about the Law of Polarity is its complexity and its simplicity.

It’s simple because anything in my life that’s a negative can be replaced with a positive. It’s simple because just thinking about something I desire, makes it possible for it to take physical form. How cool is that?

It’s complex because people in the world at large can’t seen to master this law.

For example:

Why do countries use wars to bring about peace, when the Law of Polarity allows peace to foster peace? Why do so many countries and individuals live in lack when the Law of Polarity says there’s abundance? Why is there an epidemic of homelessness when the Law of Polarity says the opposite is possible?

Ah, the complexities of the world at large. But it isn’t only the world at large.

I meet people in my everyday life with burning desires to go from one end of the spectrum to the other but find it impossible to do so, especially in the areas of money and relationships.

How about you?

Are you using the Law of Polarity to create your reality? You can use this law to create your ideal life but you first need to become aware of the experience you want to change.

What do you want?

More clients

More Money

Healthier relationships

Write a Book

Impact the world at large

Start a non profit

Do the impossible

Using the Law of Polarity to change your reality begins with changing your thought vibrations (what you’re thinking). Do this until it becomes a habit and you see the results you desire.

Whatever you’re experiencing, to whatever degree you’re experiencing it, ACCEPT beyond a shadow of a doubt that the opposite exists for you. Now, close your eyes for a moment, breathe, relax and really wrap your mind around that.

Let your imagination soar.

Open your eyes and take ACTION. Do one thing right now to ACHIEVE. As you take action everything will align for your success: mentor, coach, partner, opportunity, money etc., will show up. Just believe! And accept your desire when it shows up because you’re worthy.

Your belief isn’t necessary for the Law of Polarity to work. Your belief will move you forward to take action.

Yes, you can transcend the Law of Polarity.

Since the law of polarity is a mutable law that functions only in the physical and mental realm, you can rise above it by connecting to the spiritual realm. How do you do this you ask? By connecting to the Universal Mind which allows you to always focus on the good (the positives if you will) in any situation regardless of how negative it may appear and in time you will transcend the Law of Polarity. When you transcend the law of polarity you can live in the land of bliss instead of occasionally visiting it.

Resource: Mind Your Reality

It’s a wrap

I’m not an expert on the Spiritual Laws. This is my personal interpretation. I would love to hear from you so that I  can learn and grow.

I love simple formulas, here’s one that will help you make the leap from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Aware + Allow + Action + Acceptance  = Change (your new reality).

All change begins with awareness of where you are and awareness of where you’d like to be. The allowing means that you are open to the people, resources and opportunities for bring about the change. The allowing empowers you to take action and finally, you have to accept the change you desire. Some of us walk away from our desire because we don’t believe we are worthy or because of some other limiting belief.

Now it’s your turn

What are your thoughts on the Law of Polarity and the other Spiritual Laws?

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